* FREE consultation (in person or over the phone)

* 2 prenatal visits (1-2 hrs each)

* 2 postpartum visits (1-2 hrs each)

* Unlimited support via phone, text, e-mail, Zoom or FaceTime

* Continual support while in labor

​** I will be on call for you 2 weeks prior to your EDD.

POSTPARTUM SUPPORT: $20/hr Day support (8AM - 6 PM)/ $30/hr Night Support (6PM - 8 AM) $40/hr Holidays

* Newborn education, light housework, errands, meal prep, etc...

* Let me know what's needed and we can make it work!

During my certification process, I would like to offer local families a fully refundable deposit as the ‘payment’ for services rendered. Upon completion of the contract, you’ll receive the full deposit once you submit a review and or testimonial. Happy and healthy baby and mama are the goal!!